What’s The Matter Project

Hello! my name is Lila and for the past month we have been working on a project we call “What’s The Matter”. It’s where we each choose a topic, do a project about it and find the matter in the issue. I decided on Deforestation in Canada and did a Canva on it. Once we did that we had to choose a media like a flyer or podcast. But I decided on a News broadcast with my friend Noa Tili and I put in the slides down below and you can watch it there.


Deforestation In Canada by Lila Moore

Did you know that About 2,000 years ago, 80 percent of Western Europe was forested; today the figure is 34 percent. In North America, about half of the forests in the eastern part of the continent were cut down from the 1600s to the 1870s for timber and agriculture. China has lost great expanses of its forests over the past 4,000 years and now just over 20 percent of it is forested. Also, Forests cover more than 30% of the Earth’s land surface, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). These forested areas produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), and are home to an estimated 80% of Earth’s terrestrial species.

Forests also are a source of food, medicine and fuel for more than a billion people. Worldwide, forests provide 13.4 million people with jobs in the forest sector, and another 41 million people have jobs related to forests. I have learned a lot in this project like how much deforestation affects the earth in general not just in Canada. In this project I learned alot like how much the world could use some taking care of.


Wonder Choice Board

These past five months we have been reading WONDER by R.J  Palacio. We had to do a wonder choice board and choose stuff to do from the choice board. Here they are!

First a re-design of the book cover:

Now a drawing of the scene where Auggie sees his new school:

And now a comic of my favourite scenes:


And last but not least a letter to Via:


Thanks ,

My Country


My country is called TANTANIA with a capital half the size of the country called BLANCASIO. It is located in the windy snowy lands very close to the arctic so they get a lot of bears and caribou. BLANCASIO is a very white city in the middle of TANTANIA. The flag of TANTANIA is a white and purple stripes and one little light green star in each corner. TANTANIA is shaped like an upside down teardrop and looks like it has a top hat. 


TANTANIA is an island and the only way you can get to it is by a little one way bridge that causes a lot of accidents and many injuries have occurred there. Their signature dish is sushi just to know that every restaurant in all of TANTANIA sells sushi. Did you know that there are 1523 restaurants in only BLANCASIO. I wonder how many there are in the whole of TANTANIA. Here are the most well known sushi in the hole of TANTANIA. I will also say the name of the restaurant and the type of sushi.


Type: The Big dish

Place: Sushi Tower

Type: Salmon Role Fiesta.

Place: 信じられないほどの寿司 ( unbelievable sushi ).

Type: Patagonia ( which is a flower) Sushi Dish. 

Place:  Matano Sushi

Yes I know that there signature dish is sushi but did you know that Japan actually stole sushi from TANTANIA and made the world think they made it  but they did not so it was very hard for them to show the world they actually made it. They actually almost had war with  but good thing…… wait you might not believe me because russia actually stopped them……. ya I know. 


Sushi actually started out as raw fish inside seaweed then became with rice then became what we know as now. Did you know that TANTANIA actually started world war ll and then actually ended it ……. ya i know unbelievable and it also feels like a cartoon made wrong. Did you know that it started as an island only 40 feet wide ya it was so small but over the years the water evaporated and disappeared so the island became bigger and then after a while it created a bridge and that is where the island of TANTANIA is now.



Ewww! What is that? Green mold on my favourite cheese!? Oy, I only bought it… like 3 weeks ago! I imagine that scenario is very familiar in most of your kitchens – reaching for your favourite food and BAM, it’s expired! Dear Teachers and fellow students. Have you ever taken a minute to think about how and why food expires ,what mold is and the dangers of eating expired food?


Examples of foods that expire are: meat, fish, bread, eggs and dairy products. Some of these foods come in clearly marked packages, but others are just lying loose on your counters or in your refrigerators. 

The foods in packages help tell you when something is expired because they go over the expiry date written on them. They may also look or smell terrible! 

But the unpackaged foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, don’t have expiry dates written on their peels. So, you need to use your other senses to tell when they expire or get moldy.


What is rotten food? Some foods actually grow mold, but others just go bad/over-ripe. MOLD!! Green. White. Sometimes black and crusty… all signs of the dreaded mold!  

Mold starts off white and fluffy (like that streak on last week’s bread) then turns like a greeny turquoise colour (picture that container of cottage cheese that has been sitting open in your fridge for over a month), and soon after will turn black. It’s probably ok to cut off the white spots on old cheese, but you definitely throw it out once the more interesting colours show up. 

Mold forms when extra fermentation happens which is the result of yeast reacting with carbohydrates. So, this extra fermentation happens in foods like dairy or grain which have lots of carbs. Other foods just continue their ripening process until they are yucky, like mushy bananas, or wet spinach. 


Eating rotten foods can cause a lot of different problems. Eating expired foods can cause common things like nausea, coughs, or vomiting. However, it can also cause severe illnesses, like food poisoning, E. coli infections, or damage to the kidneys which can be a life threatening situation. Some examples of foods that are dangerous to eat when expired are: fish, pre-made salads, shrimp, fruits like raspberries, milk and other produce.

However there are ways to avoid getting sick. You can follow the three types of dates on some food products like Sell By, Best By and Use By. You can also avoid eating the foods that look or smell wrong, because our senses know when something is starting to go bad. 


We can all agree that eating expired food is disgusting. Food is important in your life but sometimes it can be very dangerous. There’s a joke that in every family, there’s someone who ignores expiry dates and eats yogurt 6 months after the best-by date,(my mom) and another person who throws everything out the moment it expires ….(my dad\) Which one are you?


If you are wondering why the title of this post is grade 4 COOKIEOLOGISTS, well then this is why. COOKIEOLOGISTS is cookie and geologist mixed together to become COOKIEOLOGISTS.

If you don’t know what a geologist is well then here is a quick video.

Oops! Sorry I got a little carried away. I need to tell you the experiment were doing today. Well today were going to be doing a COOKIE EXCAVATING ACTIVITY. Now lets get started.






Cookie number one I thought had 7 on the top and 5 on the bottom.

Now that you have your prediction you can start so here is you PROCEDURE.

  1. Take the tooth pic and take out all of the chocolate chips from the top of the cookie and count.

2. After your done that do the same thing for the bottom.

3. Now write down your conclusion on the paper with your predictions. and cheke if your right

My PREDICTION was correct it was 7 on top and 5 on the bottom.

Here is a pic of me working:



Innovation Day Project

                    My Drawbridge

My Innovation Day project is based on the Grade 4 Science unit Pulleys And Gears. We have learnt about fixed pulleys where you pull down and moveable pulleys which go up and down. Here’s a video.

My drawbridge is a fixed pulley and when you pull a rope that is attached to the door is lifted and but when you let is go it goes down but you have to lock it with a lock. I made a fixed pulley because I wanted to try something a little harder than what I’m used to.

My Hypothesis:

I think my pulley will work but if it does not I might have to add some things. I think it will work because every thing im using to make it is a very stable project and with the small car im making with the eraser box will really put it too the test so see how much the drawbridge can handle.

My Results:

Here is a picture of me and my small yet working drawbridge.

My Conclusion:

I did have to change a couple of things but to my suprise it did stand but that was not the issue. The door would not stay down so I had to make a lock. My hypothesis was right because mt pully worked the first time.

Thank You For Listening.


Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing Book Review


Today i’m going to do a book review on a well known book, Tales Of A Fourth  Grade Nothing and im going to put a little thing on the side so you know who is who.

Peter: the main character

Fudge: little brother

Jimmy Fargo: a friend of Peters

Sheila: annoying friend

Mom: Peter and Fudge’s mom

Dad: Peter and Fudge’s dad


Chapter 1: This book is basically about a boy named Peter and his brother Fudge who grown-ups think are very cute but that is besides all the tantrums and throwing food across the walls just until PetFudge stops eating because he thinks he is a dog so his family is trying to find ways to make him eat but he won’t budge until one day his father had enough but I will not tell you this part because spoilers are not the best. Peter and Fudge live near a park where peter likes to go with friends but sometimes his mother and Fudge tag along too because Fudge likes monkeys and there is a monkey swing on the other side of the park.


Chapter 2:   One day Peter asked his friend Jimmy Fargo to go to the park and Jimmy said yes so they went. But when getting to the park with a startle there was a girl from Jimmy and Peter’s class named Sheila. Peter does not like Sheila because she always is trying to touch him so she can say that Peters got cooties but it makes him mad so he tried to avoid her but he and Jimmy got caught sneaking around her to see where she was standing.

Chapter 3:   Peters mom loves Sheila because she’s so smart and nice but Peter thinks the total opposite. Back to the story so when Jimmy and Peter go to the park they play with a set of special rocks and when going up there they catche a glimpse of there rocks and who was standing there. Standing there was Sheila pretending to read a book while kicking the rocks of the structure “hey those are our rocks” shouted Peter “well there now mine now” Sheila growled back.

Chapter 4:   Just before Peter and Jimmy exploded Peters mom came running yealing “Fudge come back oh Peter thank goodness I caught up to you” but then Sheila started to grin then she started begging to babysit Fudge and Peter got annoyed because she knew she would do a bad job but Jimmy thought it was a great idea because Sheila would stop bothering them but that did not happen. Jimmy did not know that Peters mom would never let anyone take care of Fudge. But then his mother did a strande thing she looked at her watch and said she forgot to turn on the oven  so she asked if they could handle 10 minutes and she said yes but one thing Peter had to help Sheila. Peter was really annoyed because once again he does not like Sheila because she is a pain. So Fudge likes birds so he wanted to be a bird so he went on the struckture and jump but in mid-air to find he can not fly so he fell and knocked out his 2 front teeth and Peter got blamed for it.


I feel even though im only half way throught the book im really injoying it and I would give it a 4 AND A HALF STAR for a rating for how funny it is and I would really recommend it to grade 3s and 4s / 8s 9s and 10s in age.

I think that Jimmy Fargo will be an important character later one in the story and we will also see Sheila again. You might also never know what Fudge is going to do next maybe destroy a bird or trash a park.