Hello today i’m going to tell you about how I studied  Light.I learned about Natural light,Artificial light,reflection,refraction.We also learned about transparent, translucent and opaque .We learn how to refract light,,how to reflect light and what transparent,translucent and Opaque mean. We also learned about what materials refract well and reflect well like tinfoil or a mirror.


We did a lot of experiments of reflecting light and refracting light .One of the experiments we did is in this link. Well you’re wondering do I really know what transparent and translucent and opaque mean.Well transparent is meant you can see right through the object .It’s like regular glass. Translucent means it’s kind of blurry like a bathroom window.Opaque means that it is totally not visible like a piece of paper or a backpack. An artificial light is a light that is man made like a lamp but natural light is like the sun it .It is made from mother nature.



 I find I’ve always loved science but this year I noticed that we’re doing a lot of fun science experiments. I feel that science is one of my favorite subjects and all areas of science . I have always been in the mood for  cool science experiments.Science is very interesting because there are so many parts to learn and so many ways to improve the way you do learn. 


Now you know the awesome way of light and the way that I study light.Hopefully you learned a lot about light and you loved it.Well hopefully you come back soon to listen to other blogs about different things. 


4 thoughts on “Science”

  1. Wow Lila! that taught me a lot! I don’t think I know any of that before this. I hope that you do some more blogs soon!

    Noa Tili

  2. Dear Lila,

    I loved your science experiment and I love that you included a video of your explanation. Look at that – who would have thought your hand sanitizer bottle would come in handy like that?
    You are learning so much in Science! What part of this unit did you enjoy the most?

    Mrs. Reichstein

  3. Hello Mrs. Reichstein,the one I enjoyed the most was transparent translucent and opaque and do you have any ideas for my next blog?-lilam1

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