Legend Writing

Once upon a time there was a town far away from all of the others yet it was a very beautiful town called Petersville. Mountains and valleys of kids playing in the fields,crops being grown and and not that far away a town full of excitement and running of people around. There was even a forest filled with willows and other beautiful trees.

 The Problem was…not that far away there was a mother dragon who lives in a cave  .The worst part about this is she is going to have forty eggs that will hatch on the first of january which is in only a month away. All of Petersville is talking about but most of all people are saying that the dragon every night, she would whisper to her eggs “soon we will rule all of petersville and then the world” but people think there making that up to scare the children. So they decided to do something about it and the city mayor had an idea.

The plan was to have one man from every family in the hole of Petersville join an army to kidnap the baby dragons and keep them in a shed just outside of Petersville.  While trying to kidnap the dragons you would expect that it would take a long time but that was not the issue. The mother dragon was laying on top of her babies so they had to reach under her but that woke her so she took back her babies and when they came back half of the army was gone.

Well, that attempt definitely did not work! So the mayor sent a note out looking for someone who could fight dragons and thats how they got Cleo. A very young girl I recall and her name was Cleo Patra. Cleo’s father, Mr. Patra was very rich and owned the best bakeries in the town of Petersville. Cleo was only twelve but she has fought twenty dragons in her lifetime and the most, not for her age but more than the best in the world.  

Cleo had another plan but this time she changed the army around now it was all women in the army but they needed 5,000 women and they had to take some girls but that was not a problem and they seemed stronger than the men so she was happy. Her plan is to wait until she leaves to get dinner and then steal the 400 babies and kill them not that far away from the cave then leave the bones in the cave blinding in with the bones from the old army. 

After they waited outside the cave until she left then they went in . Cleo was scared like usual when she fights dragons.


Hopefully you injoyed this legend .

Thank you for listening





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