Innovation Day Project

                    My Drawbridge

My Innovation Day project is based on the Grade 4 Science unit Pulleys And Gears. We have learnt about fixed pulleys where you pull down and moveable pulleys which go up and down. Here’s a video.

My drawbridge is a fixed pulley and when you pull a rope that is attached to the door is lifted and but when you let is go it goes down but you have to lock it with a lock. I made a fixed pulley because I wanted to try something a little harder than what I’m used to.

My Hypothesis:

I think my pulley will work but if it does not I might have to add some things. I think it will work because every thing im using to make it is a very stable project and with the small car im making with the eraser box will really put it too the test so see how much the drawbridge can handle.

My Results:

Here is a picture of me and my small yet working drawbridge.

My Conclusion:

I did have to change a couple of things but to my suprise it did stand but that was not the issue. The door would not stay down so I had to make a lock. My hypothesis was right because mt pully worked the first time.

Thank You For Listening.


Tuning Fork Experiment

                  Tuning Fork Experiment.

Hello, my name is Lila and this a blog is about a tuning fork experiment.

Well your probably wondering what did I do for this experiment.If you want to do this at home hear is how you do it.

 Experiment One

The materials you will need are tape,salt,tuning fork and a cup.

  1. Take the cup and put tape on the top and make sure there are no holes.
  2. Put salt on top of the tape.
  3. Hit the tuning fork on your shoe or on a hard surface like a desk.
  4. Put it slightly on top and watch what happens.

             This happens because the sound waves are moving and move the salt.

Experiment Two

The materials that you will need is a cup, water and a tuning fork and paper towel.

  1. put paper towel on the surface your working on.
  2. Take a cup and and fill it half way .
  3. Hit the tuning fork on a hard surface like a desk.
  4. Put it slightly on the water and watch what happens.

    This is because of the sound waves.




                     Thanks for listening.



Hello today i’m going to tell you about how I studied  Light.I learned about Natural light,Artificial light,reflection,refraction.We also learned about transparent, translucent and opaque .We learn how to refract light,,how to reflect light and what transparent,translucent and Opaque mean. We also learned about what materials refract well and reflect well like tinfoil or a mirror.


We did a lot of experiments of reflecting light and refracting light .One of the experiments we did is in this link. Well you’re wondering do I really know what transparent and translucent and opaque mean.Well transparent is meant you can see right through the object .It’s like regular glass. Translucent means it’s kind of blurry like a bathroom window.Opaque means that it is totally not visible like a piece of paper or a backpack. An artificial light is a light that is man made like a lamp but natural light is like the sun it .It is made from mother nature.



 I find I’ve always loved science but this year I noticed that we’re doing a lot of fun science experiments. I feel that science is one of my favorite subjects and all areas of science . I have always been in the mood for  cool science experiments.Science is very interesting because there are so many parts to learn and so many ways to improve the way you do learn. 


Now you know the awesome way of light and the way that I study light.Hopefully you learned a lot about light and you loved it.Well hopefully you come back soon to listen to other blogs about different things.