If you are wondering why the title of this post is grade 4 COOKIEOLOGISTS, well then this is why. COOKIEOLOGISTS is cookie and geologist mixed together to become COOKIEOLOGISTS.

If you don’t know what a geologist is well then here is a quick video.

Oops! Sorry I got a little carried away. I need to tell you the experiment were doing today. Well today were going to be doing a COOKIE EXCAVATING ACTIVITY. Now lets get started.






Cookie number one I thought had 7 on the top and 5 on the bottom.

Now that you have your prediction you can start so here is you PROCEDURE.

  1. Take the tooth pic and take out all of the chocolate chips from the top of the cookie and count.

2. After your done that do the same thing for the bottom.

3. Now write down your conclusion on the paper with your predictions. and cheke if your right

My PREDICTION was correct it was 7 on top and 5 on the bottom.

Here is a pic of me working:



Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing Book Review


Today i’m going to do a book review on a well known book, Tales Of A Fourth  Grade Nothing and im going to put a little thing on the side so you know who is who.

Peter: the main character

Fudge: little brother

Jimmy Fargo: a friend of Peters

Sheila: annoying friend

Mom: Peter and Fudge’s mom

Dad: Peter and Fudge’s dad


Chapter 1: This book is basically about a boy named Peter and his brother Fudge who grown-ups think are very cute but that is besides all the tantrums and throwing food across the walls just until PetFudge stops eating because he thinks he is a dog so his family is trying to find ways to make him eat but he won’t budge until one day his father had enough but I will not tell you this part because spoilers are not the best. Peter and Fudge live near a park where peter likes to go with friends but sometimes his mother and Fudge tag along too because Fudge likes monkeys and there is a monkey swing on the other side of the park.


Chapter 2:   One day Peter asked his friend Jimmy Fargo to go to the park and Jimmy said yes so they went. But when getting to the park with a startle there was a girl from Jimmy and Peter’s class named Sheila. Peter does not like Sheila because she always is trying to touch him so she can say that Peters got cooties but it makes him mad so he tried to avoid her but he and Jimmy got caught sneaking around her to see where she was standing.

Chapter 3:   Peters mom loves Sheila because she’s so smart and nice but Peter thinks the total opposite. Back to the story so when Jimmy and Peter go to the park they play with a set of special rocks and when going up there they catche a glimpse of there rocks and who was standing there. Standing there was Sheila pretending to read a book while kicking the rocks of the structure “hey those are our rocks” shouted Peter “well there now mine now” Sheila growled back.

Chapter 4:   Just before Peter and Jimmy exploded Peters mom came running yealing “Fudge come back oh Peter thank goodness I caught up to you” but then Sheila started to grin then she started begging to babysit Fudge and Peter got annoyed because she knew she would do a bad job but Jimmy thought it was a great idea because Sheila would stop bothering them but that did not happen. Jimmy did not know that Peters mom would never let anyone take care of Fudge. But then his mother did a strande thing she looked at her watch and said she forgot to turn on the oven  so she asked if they could handle 10 minutes and she said yes but one thing Peter had to help Sheila. Peter was really annoyed because once again he does not like Sheila because she is a pain. So Fudge likes birds so he wanted to be a bird so he went on the struckture and jump but in mid-air to find he can not fly so he fell and knocked out his 2 front teeth and Peter got blamed for it.


I feel even though im only half way throught the book im really injoying it and I would give it a 4 AND A HALF STAR for a rating for how funny it is and I would really recommend it to grade 3s and 4s / 8s 9s and 10s in age.

I think that Jimmy Fargo will be an important character later one in the story and we will also see Sheila again. You might also never know what Fudge is going to do next maybe destroy a bird or trash a park.



Bianca Andreescu

                  Bianca Andreescu


Bonjour mon nom est Lila est c’est mon projet sur Bianca Andreescu. 

Bianca est la première joueuse de tennis canadienne à gagner un titre du Grand Chelem à Melbourne Park.Elle est la première à remporter ce trophée canadien en cinquante ans.Elle est née le seize juin 2000, à Mississauga, Ontario.Sa taille en mètres est 1.7 mètres et son poids est de cent trente-deux livres. Elle a une chienne 

The One And Only Ivan Book Review

Hello, today I’m going to talk a little bit about one of my favorite books. The One And Only Ivan. It is one of my favorite books because it is very interesting .It’s about a gorilla and an elephant.I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’m going to go over the sad or really interesting parts but briefly. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!


 A gorilla named Ivan lives at a mall with a circus show. When he was little he was taken from his family he was alone except he was with his sister, Tag.

His sister Tag gets killed and he is sent to a circus.He lived with the head of the circus for a while and then he became a circus act with his friend Stella, a Girl named Julia who is an artist and a nearby stray dog named Bob.Ivan is an artist he loves to paint and when he was little he would paint on his moms back with mud.Then there told there would be another elephant coming to the circus.Two months later there is a box coming to the circus .In the box there  is an elephant name is Ruby.After a while Stella dies and the circus has to close so they have to sell Ruby and Ivan and find a home for Bob.When Ivan, Bob, and Ruby find home Ivan discovers that Ruby and Ivan were not separated because there is a wall between the gorillas and they safari animals so he lived were Ruby lived too.And Bob, who could forget about Bob, well Bob now lives with Ivans friend Julia who is also an artist.So now Ivan, Ruby,Bob and Julia are happy.




Well if you enjoyed this book then look out for The One And Only Bob.

And for all who are listening please if you have any new ideas for my next blog that would be very helpful

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Lila’s Beaver Article

Beavers                                       By:Lila


      Facts Age,  food       Color,weight        ,height           Other


Beavers are the largest living rodents in the world.They have really thick fur and webbed feet like a duck so it’s really easy to swim. They have flat scale covered tails that act like a paddle. With powerful jaws and powerful teeth it only takes 5 MINUTES to cut down an eight foot  tree. Guess how many trees they cut down in a year,200 hundred trees. Did you know that the lifespan of a beaver is 10-15 years. In captivity they can live up to 20 YEARS. Once a beaver is two-years-old, it leaves the family house also known as the lodge. During summer, beavers will eat grasses, herbs, leaves of woody plants, fruits, and aquatic plants. Overall, 50% of North American beavers have pale brown fur, 25% are reddish brown, 20% are brown, and 6% are blackish, while in European beavers, 66% have pale brown or beige fur, 20% are reddish brown, nearly 8% are brown, and only 4% have blackish coats.They weigh between 35 and 65 pounds. They are 3 to 4 feet long and stand 1 to 1.5 feet tall. Did you know that the second heaviest beaver weighed 93 pounds, the third weighed 60 pounds but the heaviest living beaver weighing 110 pounds which is super heavy.


Did you know that a beavers teeth never stop growing. They grow  from 20 to 25 mm long Chewing on tree trunks and branches helps keep the teeth from getting too long.Canadian beavers built the world’s longest dam so big it can be seen from space.That must be a big dam.They build dams so that

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Legend Writing

Once upon a time there was a town far away from all of the others yet it was a very beautiful town called Petersville. Mountains and valleys of kids playing in the fields,crops being grown and and not that far away a town full of excitement and running of people around. There was even a forest filled with willows and other beautiful trees.

 The Problem was…not that far away there was a mother dragon who lives in a cave  .The worst part about this is she is going to have forty eggs that will hatch on the first of january which is in only a month away. All of Petersville is talking about but most of all people are saying that the dragon every night, she would whisper to her eggs “soon we will rule all of petersville and then the world” but people think there making that up to scare the children. So they decided to do something about it and the city mayor had an idea.

The plan was to have one man from every family in the hole of Petersville join an army to kidnap the baby dragons and keep them in a shed just outside of Petersville.  While trying to kidnap the dragons you would expect that it would take a long time but that was not the issue. The mother dragon was laying on top of her babies so they had to reach under her but that woke her so she took back her babies and when they came back half of the army was gone.

Well, that attempt definitely did not work! So the mayor sent a note out looking for someone who could fight dragons and thats how they got Cleo. A very young girl I recall and her name was Cleo Patra. Cleo’s father, Mr. Patra was very rich and owned the best bakeries in the town of Petersville. Cleo was only twelve but she has fought twenty dragons in her lifetime and the most, not for her age but more than the best in the world.  

Cleo had another plan but this time she changed the army around now it was all women in the army but they needed 5,000 women and they had to take some girls but that was not a problem and they seemed stronger than the men so she was happy. Her plan is to wait until she leaves to get dinner and then steal the 400 babies and kill them not that far away from the cave then leave the bones in the cave blinding in with the bones from the old army. 

After they waited outside the cave until she left then they went in . Cleo was scared like usual when she fights dragons.


Hopefully you injoyed this legend .

Thank you for listening





Tuning Fork Experiment

                  Tuning Fork Experiment.

Hello, my name is Lila and this a blog is about a tuning fork experiment.

Well your probably wondering what did I do for this experiment.If you want to do this at home hear is how you do it.

 Experiment One

The materials you will need are tape,salt,tuning fork and a cup.

  1. Take the cup and put tape on the top and make sure there are no holes.
  2. Put salt on top of the tape.
  3. Hit the tuning fork on your shoe or on a hard surface like a desk.
  4. Put it slightly on top and watch what happens.

             This happens because the sound waves are moving and move the salt.

Experiment Two

The materials that you will need is a cup, water and a tuning fork and paper towel.

  1. put paper towel on the surface your working on.
  2. Take a cup and and fill it half way .
  3. Hit the tuning fork on a hard surface like a desk.
  4. Put it slightly on the water and watch what happens.

    This is because of the sound waves.




                     Thanks for listening.