Innovation Day Reflection

Through the month of March, the Grade 6 class went through the scientific method and created games that include circuits. I was working with my friend, Noa Tili.

Before Innovation Day started, I was excited to start the experiments and the writing, but throughout the process, I found that I was much better at building than I was at the writing. I was also worried that maybe we wouldn’t have enough time to get the project finished. One thing that I love about what we did is we put our information on a separate Google Doc from our experiments and it helped with our organisation. One big challenge we had to overcome was that the days where we were putting our information on to the bristle boards, my partner, Noa Tili, was absent, so I was putting our slides on to our board by myself. Another thing we had to avoid was that the tape we used to stick our information on the board was not quite strong enough, so right before the presentations, we were re-sticking our papers on. One thing I would change next time is, I would try to put more color onto my board and make my project more appealing. Here is a copy of our slides:

Buzz Hockey

Overall I think this project was really fun and was challenging.  This project was an amazing chance to practice working with friends and to practice presenting to the judges. I’m really excited for my next project. I guess you’ll have to wait and see what I do…

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Responsibilities of Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The past semester, the Grade 6 class has been studying the Responsibilities of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. When becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah you get all of the responsibilities of any Jewish adult like how now we can read from the Torah and have a say in our Jewish community. The reason that tallit are important is because the fringes represent the 613 mitzvot. As for tefillin represent the way we serve g-d. Our head is our thoughts and our arm is our actions. One thing that I found very interesting was the reasoning why Bat mitzvah occur earlier. It is said that generally, females develop sooner than males. Another reason is Moses gained an oral tradition from G-d on Mount Sinai that explained this gap.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023

My class has a task to create a log post on International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2023. I chose Compare and Contrast where I compare both videos down below.


Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration and Complicity in the Holocaust 

Who are the Righteous Among the Nations? 


 Animated Concepts | Yad Vashem 

Righteous Among the Nations from Monastir 


My opinion on Some Were Neighbors is, I agree with everything the video has to offer but I believe that because it mostly focuses on the bystanders in the holocaust, and because its   

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, there is not much to remember in this video. They do make a few great points like how when they talk about how the bystanders acted about the concentration camps, they talk about how they might have not been able to end the camps, but they had choices.


My opinion on Animated Concepts is they make great points about the rights but they talk less about the nations and more about why they deserve the rights. On the plus side they talk alot about the concept which helped a lot to learn more about the holocaust. Though I find both video’s very interesting I think this one was more of a discussion than a video. 


Both of these videos are very inspiring but I would have to say I enjoyed Rightious among the nations of monastic better. Thank you for reading!

My Mishpacha Project

Hello i’m Lila, and for the past few months , our Grade 6 Jewish studies class has been devoted to creating a big Mishpacha Family Project. The Mishpacha Project provided me with an opportunity to learn more about my family history and where my family comes from. We are exploring our family history as part of this activity.


Mishpacha Project by lila.moore

I learned 2 things while doing this project:

  1. I learned that when my ancestors were immigrated that they went on a boat to Halifax.
  2. I learned that my mom got the name “Lila” from a book series “Sweet Valley High”.

If I were doing this project again I would go into bigger depth and find more about my ancestors and where they came from.


Hebrew Peom

                                   אֵין לִי כֶּלֶב

          אֲנִי חוֹשֶׁבֶת שֶׁהֵם אוֹהֲבִים לָצֵאת לְטִיּוּלִים

                          אֲבָל מָה הָיִיתִי יוֹדַעַת

                              כִּי אֵין לִי כֶּלֶב

– Lila